When it comes to places on earth that offer the ultimate shark diving experience, few can compete against the Maldives. Fuvahmulah is a hotspot for you to enjoy the one-of-a-kind Maldives shark dive. From diving with the majestic whale shark to free diving with the impressive tiger sharks, Fuvahmulah is a shark haven. If you are looking to swim with these magnificent pelagics, then our Maldives shark dives are an adventure for you!

About Tiger Sharks

In the spotlight for our Maldives shark dive experience is the one and only tiger shark. Scientifically known as the Galeocerdo cuvier, these apex predators can range anywhere between 10 to 14 feet and weigh between 850 to 1,400 pounds. A little fun fact about tiger sharks is that the females tend to be larger than the male species!

Named for their dark, vertical stripes, the tiger shark is one of the most misunderstood shark species. Unfortunately, they gained a negative reputation due to the movie industry. An interesting fact about the vertical stripes is that as the sharks grow older, the stripes tend to fade. You will get to see them in all shapes and sizes with our latest Maldives shark dive.

Tiger Shark Diet

When it comes to the diet of the tiger shark, there really is no set menu. From eating sea snakes, turtles, whales and even smaller sharks, they will eat whatever they can get their “fins” on. They even eat man-made objects as these items were found in their stomachs. 

Their powerful jaws allow them to slice through their prey with a surplus of new teeth ready to replace the worn-out ones. Their teeth are sharp and highly serrated, they can crack open the likes of sea turtle shells and clams.

Tiger Shark Behavior

For you to truly enjoy a Maldives shark dive, you have to understand more about the tiger shark. Tiger sharks tend to be drawn to warm waters and are found in tropical, subtropical and peri-equatorial regions. Tiger sharks tend to prefer deeper waters but occasionally make their way to shallow water, especially in the search of prey.

The tiger shark is an excellent scavenger, as they possess an excellent sense of smell. Tiger sharks tend to hunt at night, as their special sensors and their eyesight excel at low-light intensity. They also tend to hunt individually however, we are yet to know if they are the social type.

It is essential that divers learn and respect the behaviour of tiger sharks. This will help in experiencing the ultimate Maldives shark dive that is both safe and respectful.

Where To Find Tiger Sharks in Fuvahmulah

You are not short of spots to enjoy a Maldives shark dive. Fuvahmulah has great spots for diving with tiger sharks. One of the most popular area is Tiger Harbour, which is on the Eastern side of Fuvahmulah. This area is the hotspot for tiger shark diving in Fuvahmulah. Other popular sites for Maldives shark dive include Farikede on the Southern part of the island as well as Seafan, which is North of Fuvahmulah.

How To Treat and Live with Tiger Sharks

While tiger sharks are apex predators, an attack on humans are relatively rare. The sad reality is that tiger sharks are a near-threatened species. This means that they are likely to be endangered in the next decades. Tiger sharks like many other sharks are hunted for their fins, flesh, skin and liver, which contains high levels of vitamin A. The fishing for sharks have drastically impacted the population numbers. This is a huge issue considering they have an extremely low population rate.

To enjoy a Maldives shark dive with these amazing apex predators, you have to learn to share the waters. Do not threaten them and treat tiger sharks with respect and remember that you are in their territory.

We offer a unique Maldives shark dive package allowing you to explore the waters in Fuvahmulah with these magnificent creatures. Our PADI Speciality Course – Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Diver, shares how to dive respectfully and sustainably by understanding tiger shark behaviour, species and conservation.

Experience a Maldives Shark Dive with Us

Experience scuba diving with these apex predators and join Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah’s newest Maldives shark dive adventures. Get up close with these amazing sharks and a chance to learn about these wonderful creatures, making for an everlasting underwater connection.

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