Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah and @naturefriendsofmaldives took the decision to sponsor a private research of our Fuvahmulah diving sites. This is the first time conducting a research to survey the biodiversity of our corals and fish that we have. It is important to realize that we must have a greater understanding of our house coral reefs in Maldives. With better knowledge and data, it will allow us to best protect this diverse ecosystem and its inhabitants. We are now at least doing our part to understand and protect the marine life in our house coral reefs in Maldives.

Cherine @cherine.kai, Samantha @samantha.jhowlett and Gaius @gaius.timms from Orcestra, Switzerland, were on a 1.5 month long research trip. The team went on daily dives to collect data on the corals and fish found at Fuvahmulah diving sites. This tedious task finally allows us a clear map of our reef biodiversity. Results of this study will add to the status of Fuvahmulah being a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We are hoping that our initiatives will encourage and inspire the local community and the local council. We need to take more sustainable measures in the hope that the treasures of our underwater world are preserved and protected.

Get to know our popular Fuvahmulah dive sites.

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