1) What are Maldives’ Covid-19 entry regulations?
All visitors are only required to submit a Traveler Declaration form on IMUGA within 96 hours prior to arrival in Maldives and the same for departure.


2) Do I need to undergo quarantine when I arrive in Maldives or at Fuvahmulah Island?

No, you do not need to undergo quarantine upon arrival, unless you are showing Covid-19 symptoms.


3) Do I need to take a PCR test before departing Fuvahmulah Island?
If the departure is domestic, you are not required to take a PCR test. However, if guests requires a PCR test for their international departure flight, we will assist in arranging for a PCR test 36 hours prior to departure from Fuvahmulah Island. Please note that PCR testing of US$100 per test is at your own cost.


4) What is the luggage allowance on domestic flights in Maldives?

25 kgs for checked in luggage and 5 kgs for hand carry.


5) How do I get from Velana International Airport International Arrival Hall to the Domestic Terminal?
When you exit the International Arrival Hall, turn right and walk straight down until the end. The entrance to the Domestic Terminal is immediately after the Bank of Maldives branch.


6) What are the charges for excess baggage on domestic flights to Fuvahmulah Island?
Maldivian Aero charges US$3.90 per additional kg.


7) How do I check-in for my domestic flight to Fuvahmulah Island?
Check-in counters are on the left, at the end of the Domestic Terminal Hall. You are able to check the status for check-in on the notice boards at each check-in counter. Look for the counter that is checking in flights to Fuvahmulah (FVM).


8) How do I get from Fuvahmulah Airport to the guesthouse in Fuvahmulah?

One of our team members will be at the Fuvahmulah domestic airport to pick you up and send you the guesthouse.


9) What Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah dive packages are available?

Pelagic 5 Nights at US$1700 per person.
Pelagic 7 Nights at US$2265 per person.
Pelagic 10 Nights at US$3430 per person.

We are also able to customize your dive packages in Maldives. All our Fuvahmulah dive packages include local taxes.


10) What is included in the dive packages?

Pelagic 5 Nights – Between 10 to 12 consecutive dives, in total

Pelagic 7 Nights – Between 16 to 18 consecutive dives, in total

Pelagic 10 Nights – Between 25 to 27 consecutive dives, in total

All our Fuvahmulah dive packages includes:
2-way domestic flights between Male and Fuvahmulah
2-way domestic airport pick up and drop off
Daily pick up and drop off for Fuvahmulah dive trips Accommodation with meal(s) at hotel / guesthouse
2 person sharing basis at hotel / guesthouse accommodations

We are also able to customize your dive package. However, we recommend that your Fuvahmulah diving experience be at least 5 nights.


11) What is not included in your Fuvahmulah dive packages?
Additional charges such as dive equipment rentals, foreign banking and credit card fees will be borne by you.

Single room accommodations are an additional US$20 per night.


12) Do you rent diving equipment on Fuvahmulah Island?
Yes, we have all the necessary diving gears for rent at a separate charge.


13) When diving in Fuvahmulah Island, what diving certification and experience do I need?

It is preferred that you have an Advanced Open Water certification as diving sites in Fuvahmulah are generally deeper and pelagic fish are mainly found in the deeper waters. For your dive experience, you will need to be comfortable diving with strong currents, diving in the blue and deep diving.


Fuvahmulah Island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and we encourage divers to discover and experience our unique pelagic diving in Fuvahmulah Maldives. Our highly experienced guides will be on hand to help and train.


14) Is tiger shark diving in Maldives safe?
Yes. Our guides have been trained by highly qualified international shark diving trainers and there have been zero shark incidents at Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah. We strongly advice that you always follow instructions from our guides at all times to maintain safety.


15) How many dive sites do you have?
Fuvahmulah, Maldives shark island, is one big dive site with the main diving points being Tiger Harbour, the North and South points. For a safe diving experience in Fuvahmulah, diving at these sites will depend on weather and sea conditions. Regardless of which dive site in Fuvahmulah, you will be able to see all kinds marine life despite doing multiple dives within the same area.


16) Do we come back after each dive?
Yes, as all of the dive sites at our single island atoll are very close by. You able to relax at the dive center where we have our Surface Interval cafe in between your dives.


17) My Fuvahmulah dive packages are on full board, where can I get my lunch meal in between dives?
We are able to send you back to the guesthouse for your lunch.


18) What should I pack for my diving trip in Fuvahmulah Island?
We would suggest to pack light clothing, flip flops, your personal dive gear and reusable water bottles. You will be able to refill your water bottles at the dive center as we have a filtered water fountain. If you will be bringing sunscreen, kindly ensure that the sunscreen is coral reef friendly.


19) What are the local cultures observed on the island?
Fuvahmulah Island is a moderate Muslim community and welcome lots of international visitors. There are a few cultural practices that visitors should take note of when on the island.


Males – It is preferable to wear a t-shirt and ensure shorts are always worn whenever in public spaces.

Females – Short sleeved tops and shorts are acceptable. However, do ensure that tops are not see through or too large that it exposes the body, while shorts must not be too small and tight. Avoid wearing bikinis in public. You are able to be in a bikini when you are on the dive boat. When on Fuvahmulah Island, make sure bikinis are only worn when in a wetsuit or under a t-shirt & shorts.


In respect of the local community that will be fasting during the holy month of Ramazan, kindly refrain from consuming any food and drinks, and smoking in public during daylight. Food and drinks can still be consumed in private, at the guesthouse or at the dive center.

Kindly note that during Ramazan, only selected cafes and restaurants will be open during the day for visitors. Grocery shops will remain open as usual.


As a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited and it not available on local islands. Kindly note that upon arrival at Velana International Airport, any consumables containing alcohol will be confiscated by Customs.


20) What currency can I use for payments at local shops?
Local shops trade in Rufiyaa (MVR) and you are able to change currency on the island or at Velana International Airport.


21) What are other interesting things to do in Fuvahmulah Island?
Fuvahmulah’s mud bath, Koda Kilhi, at Fuvahmulah Nature Park is popular among locals and visitors. There is also kayaking and paddle boarding at the nature park.


22) Can I rent a motorbike on Fuvahmulah Island?
Yes. We would also encourage you to do so while staying in Fuvahmulah Island, as you will be able to explore more of the local things to see and do in Fuvahmulah Island.