Fuvahmulah, The Best of Maldives Scuba Diving

Fuvahmulah has many natural blessings. As a matter of fact, we are the only single island atoll in Maldives and known as Maldives shark island. Scuba diving in Maldives is always spectacular but Fuvahmulah diving sites are a pelagic haven. Due to the unique geography of Fuvahmulah, divers get the opportunity to potentially dive with seven types of rare sharks.

Renowned Tiger Shark Diving in Maldives

Tiger Harbour is the infamous shark diving site in Fuvahmulah. Sightings of tiger sharks are throughout the year and to date, there are over 200 identified individuals in Fuvahmulah. Tiger shark diving in Fuvahmulah is the only shark diving site that guarantees divers tiger shark encounters.

Divers have one of the best opportunities in the world to encounter thresher sharks when shark diving in Fuvahmulah. The cleaning stations in the shallow waters draw these elusive sharks that are usually in deeper waters.

In the right conditions, divers can watch in awe as schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks cruise the currents.  These oddly shaped head sharks usually start to make an appearance in October and can sometimes last till April. The majestic whale sharks, also referred to as gentle giants of the ocean, often visit Fuvahmulah between January to May. The silver tip, grey reef and white tip sharks are some of the other shark species that complete this rich ecosystem.

Fuvahmulah Diving Sites

Alongside shark diving in Maldives, oceanic mantas passes Fuvahmulah island between March to May. pelagic fish are huge schools of tuna, jack fish, barracudas, trevallies, rainbow runners and countless other marine life.

The island has some of the best dive sites in Maldives, including the house coral reef with over 100% coverage. Similarly, our baseline data research also shows that the coral reefs are healthy and stable. To illustrate the health of the reef, the research team found coral species that are on the edge of extinction.

Sustainability and Conservation

Evidently, due to its distinct island features, UNESCO had listed Fuvahmulah as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2020. Given these points, it is important to realize that environmental sustainability and conservation should be a priority. We should encourage a more sustainable living to protect our natural treasure – our island, oceans, coral reefs and marine life.

Our commitment to sustain, conserve and protect our oceans, coral reef and marine life, is one that we take seriously. We will continue fighting for a future where we are still able to experience amazing tiger shark diving in Maldives. Not only that but also to witness other majestic marine fauna and healthy coral reefs when experience Fuvahmulah diving.

Join us on our conservation journey with our non-profit organization @naturefriendsofmaldives, and in collaboration with @oneoceandiving @oceanramsey @juanshark

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What conservation efforts are there in Fuvahmulah?

There are a few conservation efforts in Fuvahmulah that we have initiated – home water filter project, coral baseline data research, tiger shark ID and weekly tiger shark presentation.

  1. What is the water filter project in Fuvahmulah?

The water filter project in Fuvahmulah is a project we started in early 2022. We raised funds and purchased 30 home mini RO water filters which have been installed in local homes. We organized a second fundraiser and have managed to raise enough funds to further purchase another 60 mini RO water filters to be installed in Fuvahmulah homes.

  1. What tiger shark conservation efforts are done in Fuvahmulah?

Tiger shark conservation efforts in Fuvahmulah started about 6 years ago with the tiger shark ID. Together with another dive center, we have identified 248 individual tiger sharks that frequent Tiger Harbour. We also hold a weekly presentation on tiger sharks that are open to anyone on the island to join and come learn and share more about these apex predators.