Fuvahmulah Shark Diving

Fuvahmulah is fast gaining popularity as the place to be for tiger shark diving in Maldives and possible the world. It is believes the island may have the healthiest population of tiger sharks due to the island’s unique topography. To date, the island has over 200 individuals identified. Tiger shark sightings are all year round, as a result tiger shark diving in Fuvahmulah a guaranteed experience.

The Best Pelagic And Shark Diving In Maldives

The distinctive geography of Fuvahmulah as a solitary island in the ocean, distant from other land mass brings nutrient rich ocean currents. Consequently, this phenomenon creates the ideal environment for a cleaning station and nursery for a diverse range of pelagic fish.

Divers have one of the best opportunities in the world to encounter thresher sharks when shark diving in Fuvahmulah. These elusive sharks are usually in deeper waters but are drawn to the cleaning stations in the shallow waters. By the same token, thresher shark sightings through the year like the tiger sharks.

In the right conditions, divers can watch in awe as schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks cruise the currents. These oddly shaped head sharks usually start to make an appearance in October and can sometimes last till April. The gentle giants of the ocean, the majestic whale sharks are also known to visit Fuvahmulah between January to May. The silver tip, grey reef and white tip sharks are some the other shark species that complete this rich ecosystem.

Fuvahmulah Diving Sites

The island has some of the best dive sites in Maldives, including the house coral reef with over 100% coverage. As has been noted in our baseline data research the coral reefs are healthy and stable. To illustrate the health of the reef, species of coral that are on the edge of extinction were found here.

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