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If you are a free diving enthusiast, then one place you will need on your bucket list is Fuvahmulah in the Maldives. Fuvahmulah is one of the most popular diving sites in the world thanks to its rich biodiversity and its stunning underwater scenery. Divers can undertake a variety of diving activities such as swimming with Oceanic Mantas, Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Whale Sharks and much more. If you want to experience the best of Fuvahmulah, you need to try Pelagic Diver Fuvahmulah’s latest Maldives free diving package!

Fuvahmulah dive, free diving with tiger sharks
Snorkeling and free diving in Fuvahmulah

What Is Snorkeling And Free Diving

The ocean is one big treasure. So much of it is undiscovered, meaning that every new discovery is a gem in itself. The treasure of the ocean is the beauty and tranquillity that lies beneath the surface. Snorkeling and free diving allows you to experience the ocean unlike anything else as you use your own breath as your air supply. What makes snorkeling and free diving truly special is that it connects you with the underwater world in a way that scuba diving differs completely.

How To Do Safe Snorkeling And Free Diving

Snorkeling and free diving is an amazing way to explore the depths of the ocean, but safety is key! Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah’s Head Instructor, Ahmed Inah, always encourages the best practice when interacting with the magnificent ocean. Here are a few tips to help you have a fun and safe snorkeling and free diving experience:

  • Start slow: Snorkeling and free diving is a skill that takes time to develop, so start with shallow dives and work your way up.
  • Get trained: Take a free diving course to learn the proper techniques and safety procedures.
  • Dive with a buddy: Never snorkel or free dive alone. Always have a partner with you to watch over you and assist if necessary.
  • Plan your dive: Before you jump in, plan your dive and set limits for how deep you will go and how long you will stay down.
  • Learn to equalize: As you descend, the pressure on your ears increases. Learning how to properly equalize will help prevent pain and injury.
  • Stay in shape: Free diving requires a lot of lung power, so make sure you stay in good physical shape.
  • Listen to your body: If you feel uncomfortable or have any pain, stop diving and surface immediately.
  • Have fun: Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience!

By following these tips, you will be able to safely and confidently explore the underwater world and discover the beauty and tranquillity that lies beneath the surface of the ocean!

New Snorkeling And Free Diving Experience

To capture the essence and the beauty of the underwater world and the increase in demand for free diving, we have created the ultimate Maldives dive package for you. Partnering with Ocean Ramsay and Juan Oliphant, Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah is proud to introduce a new Fuvahmulah diving experience.

Ocean Ramsay and Juan Oliphant are known for their freediving experience with sharks. The husband and wife duo have founded the One Ocean Organization and One Ocean Diving as an immersive conservation program and supportive research platform. Together with Ocean and Juan, you get to experience Fuvahmulah diving as well as learn to coexist and share the waters with sharks and other marine animals in a safe manner.

Fuvahmulah dive, free diving with tiger sharks
Snorkeling and free diving in Fuvahmulah

Popular Snorkeling And Free Diving Spots in Fuvahmulah

Tiger Harbour

Situated east of Fuvahmulah, Tiger Harbour is the hotspot to go free diving with the iconic Tiger Shark themselves. Tiger Harbour is known to be an easy dive site where people can expect a top depth of 6 to 10 meters. If you are interested in spending more time around them, Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah offers a special scuba diving Tiger Shark Speciality Course. Other notable species that can be found include Giant Trevallies, Rainbow Runners, Barracudas and much more!

Rasge Fanno

Rasge Fanno, situated east of Fuvahmulah is considered to be an easy free diving experience. The top reef has a depth between 5 to 7 meters with Giant Trevallies, Barracudas, Pelagic Threshers and many more swimming around this particular site. Rasge Fanno is known for its great coral life as well.


If divers want to experience breathtaking coral life as well as swim with Tiger Sharks, then you have to go free diving in Seafan. Situated north of Fuvahmulah, the top reef has a depth ranging anywhere from 5 to 7 meters and has a large variety of species available such as the Giant Trevallies, Barracudas, Groupers and many more!

If you’re interested in exploring more dive sites, check out this fantastic list that our experienced team of locals at Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah has curated for curious adventurers just like you! Other worthy sites that deserve a mention include Neregando Fannu, Maaneyre, Gemmiskih Fanno and Dhadimago Fanno. 

Come Snorkel and Free Dive in Fuvahmulah

If you are looking to test yourself and experience a unique Fuvahmulah diving experience, then you will need to try your hand at free diving. The experience will allow you to test yourself as well connect you to the underwater world. Start your free diving experience with Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a certification to go freediving in Fuvahmulah?

It is preferable to have a certification to go freediving in Fuvahmulah. We also strongly advice to only go freediving with a certified dive center in Fuvahmulah.

  1. Do you have courses for freediving in Fuvahmulah?

No, we do not have courses for freediving in Fuvahmulah at the moment.

  1. Are there special packages for freediving in Fuvahmulah?

Yes, we have special packages for freediving in Fuvahmulah. All our packages will include domestic flights between Male & Fuvahmulah, accommodation with meals, diving and daily domestic transfers for dives.

  1. What activities are there for freediving Fuvahmulah? 

There are a few activities for freediving in Fuvahmulah. Apart from freediving at the reef, we offer free diving with tiger sharks and also freediving with oceanic white tip sharks.

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