Booking A Maldives Dive Package

Shark diving in Maldives is on your list, now it is time to plan and book a Maldives dive package.  However, where do you start? From flights and accommodations to knowing how to get around Maldives, many divers can find the planning quite a challenge.

For the best shark diving in Fuvahmulah, our all-inclusive Maldives dive packages cover you from domestic flights to accommodations. All our Maldives dive packages include accommodations with meals and domestic flights between Male and Fuvahmulah. Not only that, our Maldives dive packages also cover the domestic transfers in Fuvahmulah. 

You’ll only need to determine your travel dates and check availability with us. Based on the domestic flights between Male and Fuvahmulah our team will advice on international flight times to consider. This is due to the domestic flight times and to ensure the least waiting time for the domestic flight.

When you’d like to proceed with your Maldives scuba diving booking, we will coordinate for a deposit to confirm. We’ll prepare a dive booking confirmation and share that with you as it will contain your stay and flight details as well as information about Fuvahmulah. 

Getting from Male to Fuvahmulah

Our team will book your domestic flight tickets based on your international flight details and make reservations for the accommodations. Nearer to your travel dates, we will then forward the domestic flight tickets, along with the accommodation booking confirmation. We’ll also share on how to get from the international terminal to the domestic terminal for your flight check in. 

Upon your arrival at Fuvahmulah airport, we’ll be there to pick you up and send you to the guesthouse. Daily dive transfers between the guesthouse and the dive center are arranged throughout your stay. 

Ferry Service Between Addu and Fuvahmulah

Apart from the domestic flights between Male and Fuvahmulah, there is also a speedboat ferry service between Addu and Fuvahmulah. If you’re going or coming from Addu, you may consider the speedboat ferry service. The ferry service operates daily except for Fridays and takes between 45-90 minutes, depending on the sea conditions. 

If you’re coming to Fuvahmulah from Addu, you’d need to make your way to Feydhoo port. There are taxis for hire if you’re landing at Gan International Airport or at the port where you’re disembarking from a liveaboard.

Should you be departing to Addu from Fuvahmulah, we’ll drop you off at Fuvahmulah Harbour at the required time. Once you’ve arrived at Feydhoo port, taxis are available to get to Gan International Airport or to the port where you’ll be embarking for the liveaboard.

For ferry service schedules, please visit RTL.

Fuvahmulah – How To Get Around The Island

The day’s diving typically ends mid-afternoon and many guests will also choose to rent a scooter. Renting a scooter gives you the opportunity to visit and experience other things to do in Fuvahmulah. Popular places to visit in Fuvahmulah include the nature park, historical mosques, relaxing at a local stall by the roadside or at one of the cafes. Daily scooter rentals are provided by OIA Rentals for you to explore Fuvahmulah.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get to Fuvahmulah?

To get to Fuvahmulah, you’ll need to take a domestic flight from Male. If you are coming from Addu, there is a daily ferry service, except Fridays.

  1. Is there a speedboat service from Male to get to Fuvahmulah?

No, you will need to take a domestic flight from Male to Fuvahmulah.

  1. Do I need to book my own transport to Fuvahmulah?

No, you do not need to book your own transport to Fuvahmulah. If you book our Fuvahmulah dive package, it will include domestic flights between Male & Fuvahmulah, as well as the daily dive transfers between the guesthouse and the dive center.

  1. Which domestic flight time should I take to Fuvahmulah? 

Based on your international flight details or connecting transfers, we will book your domestic flight time to take to Fuvahmulah. Our Fuvahmulah dive packages will include your domestic flight tickets and we will book your domestic flight tickets for you.

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