Solution to Fuvahmulah Plastic Bottle Pollution

We are raising funds to purchase home RO water filters via our NGO Nature Friends of Maldives and partnerships with Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant from One Ocean Diving, One Ocean Conservation and Save The Sea Turtles International. The installation of these water filters in households will eventually minimize the need for plastic water bottles.

However, the largest consumers of plastic water bottles are the restaurants and guesthouses. For a viable long-term solution, we are in plans to build an industrial water filtering and bottling plant. This water plant will eliminate the need for these businesses to purchase single use plastic water bottles. 

The glass bottles will have the branding of each participating restaurants and guesthouse. Each glass water bottle will also include a Say No To Plastic message to raise awareness. Restaurants and guesthouses need only exchange their empty glass bottles with filled ones. The water plant will be responsible for sterilizing, refilling and delivering of these glass bottles.

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