If you’re a foodie planning a trip to Fuvahmulah, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the inside scoop on the best restaurant in Fuvahmulah! You will find an array of restaurants that cater to all tastes and preferences. From freshly caught seafood to mouth-watering fusion cuisine, Fuvahmulah has it all. So, grab a seat and prepare to feast your eyes as we discover the best of the best when it comes to dining in Fuvahmulah!

Maldivian Cuisine 101

Before we dive in to find the best restaurant in Fuvahmulah, we first want to enlighten you about what Maldivian cuisine is all about and what tasty dishes you need to look out for and try.

The diverse marine life surrounding this tropical island nation inspired the delicious fusion of bold flavors, vibrant colors, and exotic ingredients that make up Maldivian cuisine. Maldivian cuisine is a reflection of the nation’s rich cultural heritage and its close connection to the sea.

The catch of the day is at the centre of Maldivian cuisine! Maldivians have a close relationship with the ocean and seafood is a staple in their diet because of the pristine waters that surround them. The primary ingredient in many traditional Maldivian dishes is fresh fish, particularly tuna. Maldivian cuisine honors the abundant harvest of the sea from grilled tuna steaks to creamy fish curries.

Mas Huni”, a popular breakfast dish made with flaked tuna, grated coconut, onions, and chillies, spiced with herbs and served with a warm flatbread called “roshi“, is one of the national dishes of the Maldives. Rihaakuru is another well-known local dish that consists of a rich and flavourful fish broth made by simmering fish heads and bones together with spices and coconut. This dish is a foundation for many Maldivian curries and stews as it gives the food both richness and depth.

Maldivian cuisine is largely inspired by “Huni Hakuru”. This unique cooking method involves drawing sap from the flower buds from the coconut palms and a little something called “Ganduvaru”. Ganduvaru is the local way of smoking fish and is what gives Maldivian cuisine its distinctive flavour.

In addition to seafood, a staple within Maldivian cuisine includes a variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and grains. The hint of sweetness and earthiness one might experience in Maldivian cuisine is the result of dishes incorporating plantains, breadfruit, taro and sweet potatoes. Rice is considered the main ingredient in Maldivian cooking and is frequently served with curries and stews.

Restaurants in Fuvahmulah

Now that you have an idea of what Maldivian cuisine is all about, let’s explore the best restaurants in Fuvahmulah! We have compiled a list of restaurants that need to be on your restaurant wish list when you visit Fuvahmulah.

  1. Briques Icicles

Situated in front of Fuvahmulah City Airport, Briques Icicles is a must-go on your Maldivian restaurant wish list. The coffee shop offers an easy-going vibe and it is a great spot for airplane spotting! They serve a variety of dishes from delicious waffles to mouth-watering hamburgers that will leave you wanting more. 

  1. Drippers

Along Bahaaru Magu road you will come across Drippers, which is an ice cream shop, cafe and boutique. Drippers prides itself in serving the best ice creams, shakes, waffles and coffee that you will find on the island. This is a must-go if you love all of the above!

  1. Baabaa Gaadiya

Baabaa Gaadiya can be found north of Fuvahmulah and this restaurant specializes in fast street food. They serve snacks and various barbecued food so if grilled meat is something that satisfies your taste buds, then look no further!

  1. Cool Banana

Cool Banana is a favorite among locals and visitors. Situated near Ataraxis and Maa Thundi, it is one of the most popular places for food in Fuvahmulah. They offer a variety of cuisines and refreshing drinks perfect for the sunny weather in Fuvahmulah. 

  1. Real Breeze

Situated south of the island near the airport, Real Breeze has been praised by many guests for its friendly staff, delicious food and overall great environment. Their menu has a large emphasis on dishes inspired by regional influences. A must if you enjoy eating chicken dishes!

  1. M.H.Y.S Cafe

If you’re looking for traditional local eats, M.H.Y.S is located at the center of the island, a few roads away from the island’s hospital. Serving up Maldivian sweet and savory snacks, tuna or chicken curry with roshi, this little cafe is worth a visit if you’re looking to try some Maldivian flavors.

Other restaurants that deserve a special mention in our best restaurant in Fuvahmulah list include Pebbles, Zeppelin, Kanbili Espresso, Highway 29, Royal Restaurant and Maa Kuri.

Let’s Feast!

It is safe to say that you are not short of options when it comes to the best restaurant in Fuvahmulah. Prepare to savor the flavors of the ocean and indulge in the taste of paradise with Maldivian cuisine! Good appetite! or “Maa kiyaa khaba?” as the locals would say in Dhivehi, the Maldives’ official language! Get a taste of delicious authentic Maldivian cuisine by booking your trip with Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Maldives cuisine consist of?

Maldives cuisine consists mainly of tuna, coconut, curries, banana and a variety of carbohydrates such as yam, breadfruit, sweet potato, rice and a local flatbread called roshi. There are also side dishes like bilimbi pickle, mas mirus (spicy dried tuna flakes) and  theluli faiy (fried moringa leaves). Favourite desserts among locals are bondi (coconut palm sugar candy), ala pirini (yam pudding), bokuri bambekeyo (caremelized breadfruit) and paan boakiba (egg & bread pudding).

  1. Is Maldives cuisine spicy?

Maldives cuisine can be spicy or non-spicy, depending on the dish. There is a local chili called githeyo, which is very similar to the scotch bonnet. Githeyo can be eaten fresh, added into soups and cooked dishes or ground up into a paste with other spices called lonumirus.

  1. Is Maldives cuisine vegetarian?

There are vegetarian options in Maldives cuisine with locally grown vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, kopee leaves, sweet potatoes, yam, moringa, snake gourds and spinach. These vegetables are often prepared as salads or curries.

  1. Is Maldives cuisine halal?

Yes, Maldives cuisine is halal, especially on local community islands. However, there are hotels and resorts that have special licenses to sell alcohol and pork products.

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