Fuvahmulah Shark Diving

Hammerhead sharks, locally known as “kaaligandu miyaru”, are one of the most fascinating shark species seen in Fuvahmulah. The shark gets its name for the odd shaped head, which are flattened and laterally extended like a hammer. The unique shape of its head allows for their wide set eyes. As a result this gives them a wider visual range than most sharks, helping them to thoroughly scan for prey. These consummate predators can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 1000 pounds. However, smaller sizes are more prevalent. Their grey brown colour with greenish tinge on the top and off-white bellies allows them to blend into the ocean. Their extra-tall, pointed dorsal fins are also a distinctive feature of this species.

Pelagic scuba diving in Fuvahmulah

Although hammerheads are solitary hunters at night, they do swim in schools of up to 100 during the day. Hammerheads feed on a large range of prey including fish, squid, octopus and crustaceans. Stingrays are their favourite, which they hunt by pinning them down with their wide heads.

Season for Hammerhead Shark Diving in Fuvahmulah

Scalloped Hammerhead sharks are a common sight in Fuvahmulah, with regular sightings of individuals throughout the year. In the right conditions you can encounter schools of hammerhead sharks cruising in the currents. Divers are able to experience in awe watching them seek prey in the rich pelagic feeding stations. The best time to catch a glimpse of hammerhead schools is between October to April. Even though they are more elusive, the Great Hammerheads also inhabits the area. Most hammerheads being smaller in size are relatively harmless for divers. However, caution is advised with great hammer heads who are enormous in size and fierce.

Pelagic scuba diving in Fuvahmulah

The great and the scalloped hammerheads are an endangered species due to overfishing and the high demand for shark fins. Maldives bans all forms of shark fishing.

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