Maldives Shark Diving in Fuvahmulah

If you are a shark and diving enthusiast then you need to embark on our tiger shark diving Maldives adventure. Swim the beautiful waters of Fuvahmulah with the majestic Tiger shark, with Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah’s tiger shark diving Maldives package. If you are keen to explore one of the world’s most stunning underwater worlds and encounter tiger sharks then this adventure is for you!

Breaking The Myth of Sharks

Hollywood have been portraying sharks as ruthless apex predators that attack humans. Iconic films like Jaws did not help the reputation of sharks and it is something director Steven Spielberg regrets. He feels his 1975 film misrepresented sharks and impacted the shark population. In actuality, shark attacks on humans are rare as they much rather feed on fish and other marine animals.

The portrayals of shark in Hollywood films are for entertainment purposes. Whereas, in reality, sharks are majestic creatures that have been on the planet far longer than we have. Shark fossils were found dating back as far as 450 million years! Sadly due to overfishing, many sharks today are threatened. Some species even critically endangered due to fishers who hunt them for their meat and fins. At Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah, we swim with them everyday. Therefore, we are constantly educating divers about the fear mongering Hollywood has done to change their perception about tiger sharks.

tiger shark diving fuvahmulah

Tiger Shark Overview

Second to the Great White Shark in terms of the largest hunting shark, the tiger shark got its name for its distinctive grey vertical stripes. This particular species of shark can grow anywhere from 10 to 14 feet and weigh between 850 to 1400 pounds.

Tiger Shark Diet

Tiger sharks are not exactly picky eaters and can eat pretty much what they can get their “jaws” in. From sea turtles and sea snakes to even eating inedible man-made objects, their menu is quite diverse, to say the least! 

Tiger Shark Behavior

Tiger sharks are most commonly in tropical and subtropical waters including here in Fuvahmulah! The tiger shark possesses excellent electroreceptors but also a great sense of sight and smell. Their razor-sharp teeth along with its powerful jaw can crack through nearly everything including sea turtles’ shells and clams.

The tiger shark is an excellent predator as they fully utilize its electroreceptors and sense of sight and smell. Their special sensors and their eyesight are great advantages in low-light and poor visibility conditions. Tiger sharks are not exactly the social type and may prefer to hunt individually.

Learning about tiger shark behaviour is important as this helps in experiencing tiger shark diving Maldives in a manner that is safe and respectful.

Where To Find Tiger Sharks in Fuvahmulah

There are a variety of spots where you can spot tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah. Our Tiger Shark Diving Maldives packages will allow you to witness the tiger sharks in their natural habitat. Popular areas include Tiger Harbour, Farikede and Seafan which are on the east, south and north of Fuvahmulah. Few experiences capture the beauty of tiger sharks like the Tiger Shark Diving Maldives package offered by our Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah team.

How To Treat Tiger Sharks

Contrary to what Hollywood tells you, tiger sharks are not purposely aggressive. The likelihood of considering humans as prey is uncommon. Like most animals, the tiger shark likes to be left alone and undisturbed in its natural habitat.

If you are a shark or diving enthusiast, our Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Diver course is for you. Crafted by Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah Head Instructor, Ahmed Inah, the course allows you to experience diving with tiger sharks differently. The course educates you on tiger shark behaviour, species, conservation and much more!

tiger shark diving fuvahmulah

Tiger Sharks Importance in The Maldives

Tiger shark diving in the Maldives is unique in the sense that the Maldives is one of only seventeen shark sanctuaries in the world. In fact, it is the only shark sanctuary in the Indian Ocean! The Maldives are a safe haven for more than 31 species of shark, as sadly 29 of them are globally threatened. 

Sharks are crucial for the Maldives’ marine ecosystem, and its fishing and tourism industries as they are ecosystem “engineers” essentially. They maintain balance in the ecosystem, help coral reefs fight climate change, balance the population of fish in the food chain and so much more. Without sharks, there will be an upset in the reef and coral system that can abrupt the whole ecosystem. When a shark disappears from their natural habitat, it usually indicates that there is something wrong in that ecosystem and sharks actually help us spot ecosystem problems more easily!

You can explore and learn how they help preserve the coral reefs in the Maldives with our Tiger Shark Diving Maldives experience or any of our other shark-related diving activities!


Our Tiger Shark Diving Maldives experience is unlike any underwater excursion you will ever undergo. Not only will you get the chance to swim with these wonderful creatures but you will get the chance to learn more about these fascinating marine animals as well as their importance in the underwater ecosystem. Sharks get a bad reputation from Hollywood but our Tiger Shark Diving Maldives experience will allow you to see them in a different light and make you realize how truly wonderful they are!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Have there been any shark attacks when shark diving in Maldives?

No, there has not been a severe shark attack when shark diving in Maldives. Although there have been videos and rumours circulating that divers have been horribly attacked by sharks, these incidents are untrue. These handful of encounters were due to divers negligence and unsafe diving practices resulting in curious sharks to approach.

  1. Is it safe to go shark diving in Maldives?

Yes, it is generally safe to go shark diving in Maldives. However, it is highly important to understand and realize that as divers, we are entering into the sharks’ environment and territory. Hence, we must always respect their space and their nature as predators. We strongly advice divers that are interested in going shark diving in Maldives to only dive with professionally trained shark diving safety guides. 

  1. Do I need to be a certified diver to experience scuba diving with sharks in Maldives?

Yes, we require divers to be certified divers to join scuba diving with sharks in Maldives, especially in Fuvahmulah.

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