Fuvahmulah, Maldives Shark Island

In recent years, Fuvahmulah island has been gaining popularity in being the place for tiger shark diving. Fuvahmulah has guaranteed tiger shark sightings everyday and throughout the year. The diving community in Fuvahmulah has successfully identified over 200 individuals. For this reason, this probably makes Fuvahmulah island having one of the healthiest tiger shark population in the world. In addition, Fuvahmulah has a unique topography that produces distinctive ocean current patterns around the island. This makes it an ideal cleaning station and nursery for an array of marine life, including tiger sharks. 

Tiger sharks are considered the second most dangerous shark after the great white. Despite this, there has not been any record of shark attack attacks in Maldives. Tiger sharks are naturally curious and may be drawn to divers. As long as divers remain respectful of these macro predators and the ocean, it is an amazing Fuvahmulah shark diving experience.

Fuvahmulah – Shark Diving Safety Briefing

Based on our collective diving experiences and principles, we operate on a 1:4 guide to diver ratio. We have a maximum of 12 diving guests per dive boat. This is to provide a safer Maldives shark diving experience for our guests. To best prepare each diver before their first tiger shark dive with us, we conduct an in-depth safety briefing. Our Fuvahmulah shark diving safety briefing covers topics such as the relationship of tiger sharks with the island and the dive plan. The safety briefing also includes what to expect from the tiger sharks, diver behaviour during the dive, our resident tiger sharks and more.

International shark diving safety experts have trained all our instructors and guides. They are always on alert during dives to monitor the sharks’ behaviour and take precautionary measures, if needed. There has been zero shark incidents at Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah. As with any encounter with nature and wildlife, we strongly advice to always follow instructions from our guides at all times to maintain safety.

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