Best Time To Visit Maldives

If you are a diving enthusiast and always wanted to go to the Maldives, you are probably wondering “when is the best time to go to the Maldives?”. Well, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of timing your visit just right, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. From the peak season’s allure to the hidden gems of the low season, we’ll explore why every time of year offers something unique and answer your most frequently asked inquiries!

About The Maldives

Made up of 26 coral atolls, each of which is made up of more than 1,000 distinct islands, the tropical island of the Maldives can be found is situated southwest of Sri Lanka. The Maldives is renowned for its unspoiled white-sand beaches, turquoise oceans, and bright coral reefs that draw tourists from all over the world for diving and snorkelling. There are also numerous luxurious resorts, each occupying its private island and offering a range of amenities and activities. Whether you seek relaxation on the beaches, underwater adventures in the rich marine life, or a taste of Maldivian culture, this tropical paradise has something for everyone.

Best Time to Visit the Maldives?

As one of the hottest destinations for diving enthusiasts, you’re probably wondering when is the best time to go to the Maldives. The favourite season to travel is between November to April with clear skies, lots of sunshine, and low humidity levels defining the weather during these months. However, you should also anticipate more people and greater prices since this is also the busiest travel period. 

Pelagic scuba diving in Fuvahmulah
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Why You Need to Visit the Maldives in The Low Season

While the dry season is popular for its reasons, it’s the low season that is often overlooked and actually a hidden gem. The low season is from May to July and September to October and it’s during this period that travel is more affordable and it is a lot quieter! Although there may be occasional rainfall during these months, the weather is often generally pleasant, and you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities. Let’s explore the pros and cons below:


  1. With fewer divers, the diving experience is more private.
  2. Encounters with more timid pelagic species are better as there are fewer divers in the water which usually deters shy pelagics.
  3. Accommodation and package rates are more affordable.
  4. The weather is more often than not sunny and humid.


  1. If divers prefer to dive with more people, then the diving scene may be quieter than they would prefer.
  2. Going for excursions is a little harder to plan for as usually there is a minimum number of participants required.
  3. There is usually only about 1 week of unfavourable weather due to the change in monsoon – strong winds, cloudy and rain on certain days.
  4. Many hotels, resorts and dive centres take the opportunity of the quieter season to do maintenance and renovation works.

So, when is the best time to go to the Maldives you ask? Overall, the Maldives offers a tropical paradise all year round. Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, travelling in the low season can tick all your Maldives travel wish list boxes. 

The Maldives is a breathtaking destination that offers a slice of paradise all year round.  Whether you choose to visit during the peak season or opt for a serene escape during the low season, the Maldives promises a magical experience. So, pack your sunscreen, embrace the turquoise waters, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this tropical paradise. No matter when you choose to visit, the Maldives and Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah guarantees to leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

We always get numerous questions about when is the best time to go to the Maldives so we have provided all you need to know that will reassure you and help you plan your trip accordingly:

  1. Is it always raining during the low season in the Maldives?

No, it’s not always raining during the low season in the Maldives. Despite the belief that it is the so-called “monsoon season”, there is usually only a week out of the entire period when the weather is not great with certain days that are cloudy with rain and strong winds.

  1. Will diving be cancelled because of the rain?

Diving will not be cancelled because of the rain. Diving will proceed as usual and will only be cancelled if the sea conditions at the harbour entrance are too rough for the dive boat to exit.

  1. What marine life can I see during the low season? 

There are plenty of marine life that you can see during the low season. Tiger shark encounters are guaranteed all year in Fuvahmulah. Sightings of thresher sharks are also possible when diving in Fuvahmulah. Apart from that, white tip sharks, silver tip sharks and grey reef sharks are seen all through the year along with an abundance of reef life including turtles, octopuses, schools of tuna, jack fish and barracudas.

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